Melbourne to Sydney- Top places to visit during your Road Trip.

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Dive into the mind of a traveler and you are bound to see at least one recollection of a road trip. It has a certain lasting taste, set to last for a lifetime. One such budget road trip that GAFFL strongly recommends is the Melbourne to Sydney road trip.

As Autumn arrives and the weather delves into a temperature of a less harsh tone, road trips along the East Coast can be one of the top things to do this March. So get your music ready and prepare yourself for one of your best adventures.

One of the top things to realize before you embark on road trip from Melbourne to Sydney is that Australia is no small country. In fact, it is the sixth largest one. Getting ready for long drive hours and less than frequent stops is what we suggest.

A route planner might suggest the Hume highway. We however believe, taking this 10-hour drive to Sydney will not let you admire the East Coast Australia, for its raw natural beauty. Instead, we suggest taking the coastal route from Melbourne to Sydney, through the Princes Highway.

To start off from Melbourne, we believe spending at least a day in this artistic city is the absolute best thing to do.

Read more about exploring Melbourne city.

Drive from Melbourne to Wilsons Promontory Park

Road Trip - Promontory Park
Photo credit: Long Zheng on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA Stitched Panorama

Ideally, we hope that you rent a campervan for this trip as it decreases a lot of living expenditures. If you do rent a campervan finding good parking spots for the night may be a hassle so try to keep that in mind and plan ahead. There are a lot of ways you may breakdown your drive from Melbourne to Sydney however we have designed a specific itinerary for you to follow.

Driving your rental from Melbourne to Wilson Promontory Park you will be driving for a stretch of 374 kilometers. The drive can be exhausting and can take a toll on you. Take frequent breaks so that you don’t fall asleep behind the wheel. You can stop and explore Yarragon, Walhalla, and Meeniyan. It should be understood that there are no petrol stations from Meeniyan to Wilsons Prom. Hence, fuel up and buy all the necessities.

Some of the places that we think you should absolutely visit are the Goldsfield Railway and the Long Tunnel Extended Goldmine of Walhalla. We recommend taking a tour of these places, however, it might cost you a little more. Walhalla is generally a town with strong historical background hence making an effort to go to the Walhalla historic area would not be the worst thing to do.

If you are up for the adventure, camping around the Tidal River is a great place for an overnight stay with minimal costs. If you have a campervan with you, you can stay at the overnight Hiker’s Car Park.

Wilsons Promontory Park to Metung

Road Trip - Metung
Photo credit: warrick1 on VisualHunt / CC BY-ND

The second leg of your Melbourne to Sydney trip with commence from Tidal River, you should get back on the Princes Hwy and keep on till Tambo River Tourist Park. The upcoming right turn will take you on the Metung road within 8 minutes where you can visit the Nyerimilang Heritage Park. A good camping ground here is the Chinaman’s Creek which also has a camping ground for you to stay overnight.

Metung to Gipsy Point

Road Trip - Gipsy Point
Photo credit: Vikas Nambiar [VN]* on Visual Hunt / CC BY

One of the must-see places in East Gippsland is the Coajingolong National Park, which has been identified by Unesco as a Biosphere Reserve and is recognized by BirdLife International as it houses a lot of migratory birds. So make sure you visit this nature reserve and climb over the Genoa Peak to watch the sunset over Coajingolong feeling like Mufasa watching over his empire. There aren’t a lot of overnight car parks close to Gipsy point, we would suggest the Gipsy Point Lakeside accommodations.

Gipsy point to Narooma

Road Trip - Narooma
Photo credit: Ianz on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

At this point on your Melbourne to Sydney road trip, you can straight drive through Bega to Narooma, it’s a 2 and a half hour journey or you can continue north and drive till Canberra. Some of the popular places to see on this drive are the Montague Islands, however, it is suggested that you take a cruise to go whale watching.

Canberra to Sydney

Road Trip - Sydney
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After the road trip from Narooma to Canberra, you can stay the night in the 3 ‘Secure Car Parkings’ around the city and set out early to discover Canberra, the nation’s capital.

You can find travel buddies who are also going on a road trip in Australia.

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